The KQ Design Group’s creative services are as diverse as our clientele. From campaigns, programs, and projects, we collaborate with you, transforming your vision into visual stories that will delight your audience time and again. You receive unparalleled attention throughout the entire creative process. We listen, we consult, we engage and we deliver upon your expectations with winning design results.

Social Media and Content Graphic Development

KQ Design Group develops enriching content designs. From infographics and blogs to social media posts and more, we create highly viewed, shareable, and engaging content. We present your company to your audience beautifully with a concise and clear message. We’ll produce visually appealing stand-out graphics that get noticed in multi-platform environments.

Digital and Print AdvertisingDepositphotos_3951811_XXXL FushiaSMALL

Whether offline or online, our designers have in-depth experience in creating advertising campaigns for diverse platforms. We provide a cohesive design across all media for a consistent and memorable branding experience. From buttons to billboards to web banners and email marketing, our designs continuously connect with your customers.

Brand Identity and Logo DesignHands holding a Brand 3D Sphere

If you’re a start-up organization or a company in need of a brand refresh, KQ Design Group creates strong, current and enduring company identities. Trust your most important brand assets to us. Our team creatively propels your company with the brand look and feel that reflects your company’s mission, goals, and customers.

Collateral and Presentations

Working under tight timelines, budget constraints, and stringent executive approval, KQ Design Group can handle your most important collateral and presentation assignments. For C-suite level meetings, road show calls, sales conferences, or customer seminars, our team has the expertise to deliver comprehensive creative in a short timeframe. Unmatched energy, passion, and creative force enable KQ Design Group to produce beautifully unique design elements, including marketing collateral, presentations, flyers, and data sheets for lasting and memorable client impressions.

Merchandising and Tradeshow Graphics

KQ Design Group optimizes merchandising and tradeshow programs with exceptionally designed large format graphics. We create impact! From convention ready tradeshow designs to in-store interactive displays to streamlined signage for open houses, corporate events, and seminars, let us be your creative solution.
Media technologies concept

Web Design/WordPress and Online Media

We create not just good, but great first impressions. KQ Design Group creates visually striking creative design elements for your website, blog, social media, and online presence. Let’s amp up your web traffic, get viral attention, and turn visitors into long term client relationships.

Print Management

Color management setHigh quality printing and high quality design go hand and hand together. With extensive print management experience, we offer concept to completion services on a variety of print management campaigns. Our long term print partnerships enable us to leverage the optimal printer for your print job at competitive prices and with the highest quality.


One photo can change a company’s image. KQ Design Group is your photography source for custom, stock, or retouched image solutions. Whether used within a campaign or as a stand-alone piece, our photography provides artistry that highlights your brand’s unique viewpoint.

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